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Process of Calcium Carbide Desulfurizer

On the calcium carbide desulfurization agent processing, very few people know.
The key problem in the production of calcium carbide desulfurizer is how to remove the large particles which do not meet the requirements of power plant desulfurization in low cost and low energy consumption. Commonly used treatment methods are sedimentation separation, grinding, filtration and separation.
The use of calcium carbide slurry in the quality of the difference between the size of the particles of natural sedimentation, large particles settled in the bottom of the slurry, the upper part of the suspension to extract concentrated for power plant desulfurization. This method on the utilization of carbide slag at the end of the settlement of calcium carbide slag how to deal with is still a big problem.
Using the way of mechanical grinding of calcium carbide slag grinding into large particles in line with the desulfurization requirements of the fineness of the particles. This method is efficient, but the equipment to cast particles
The mechanism of filtration, the calcium carbide slag does not meet the requirements of large particles to intercept removal. This method of high production efficiency, low production energy consumption. However, because calcium carbide slurry is thick slurry, large particles in the filter at the same time need to retain small particles, so at present there are only a few professional manufacturers to filter separation method of low cost, low energy consumption carbide slag desulfurizer production.
Carbide slag desulfurizer can replace the limestone powder, direct use in the existing limestone - gypsum flue gas desulfurization device, without the original device for large transformation. With a broad market prospects. But also for the carbide slag of this industrial waste to open up a new resource processing approach.
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