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The price trend of calcium carbide

1 coal
According to Zhuo understanding, the northern port coal prices are still rising, but the increase speed of the slowdown in the previous month, the current Q5000 price at around 675-685 yuan / ton, Q5500 price at around 745-755 yuan / ton. Affected by the deterioration of military exercises and climate conditions, coupled with a long association contract at port of shipment is slow, the port throughput of Qinhuangdao port greatly reduced from 593 thousand tons to 379 thousand tons, Caofeidian port from 164 thousand tons to 49 thousand tons, port stocks rebounded sharply. Recently, large coal enterprises signed a long-term contract for the supply and demand of coal, to 5500 kcal base price of 535 yuan / ton basis, on the basis of this adjustment led to the downstream enterprises wait-and-see state. November 9th development and Reform Commission meeting, decided to increase the coal transport intensity, each Railway Bureau shipped to Qinhuangdao port in the shortest time inventory increased to 8 million tons. Overall, zhuochuang is expected within a short period of time, the port coal supply will rise trend, coal prices rose faster in.
2 lime Lantan
Today the raw material market confusion, the overall price level, the price is still ascribed to the situation. At present, Fugu Shenmu coking material factory price in 680-720 yuan / ton, higher price also heard, low-end goods to reduce turnover. Lime to the factory price of temporary stability, price in Shanxi lime VAT 420 yuan / ton, Wuhai lime in Shaanxi 350-380 yuan / ton, around Wuhai in 300 yuan / ton.
4 downstream PVC aspects
Futures narrow consolidation, poor transportation delivery is poor, today the domestic PVC market price remained high, traders obviously reluctant to sell, offer more, some prices continue to rise. Type 5 electric stone, East market price 8150-8250 yuan / ton from Southern China; the mainstream offer in 8300-8400 yuan / ton from mentioning, there is slightly higher price; Shandong mainstream 7920-8010 yuan / ton to the Hebei market mainstream 7780-7800 yuan / ton to.
5 late trend analysis
At present, although the supply and demand balance of calcium carbide, but the raw materials and transport on the market formed a support. So there is still a small rise in coal prices circumstances, is expected to rise next week, small calcium carbide phenomenon may still occur.
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Calcium Carbide

Calcium Carbide

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