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Flue gas desulfurization technology is mainly abso

The key technology of flue gas Desulphurizer agent is desulfurizing agent and products. Flue gas desulfurization technology in common use is currently the main absorption method, calcium, sodium, magnesium absorption use, ammonium and other kinds of alkaline compounds. In the desulfurization process desulfurization agent consumption, compared with the desulfurizer desulfurization by-product generated, additional value is not high, the market space is small, easy to cause two pollution. The search for renewable, cheap, abundant source of raw materials, the development of the desulfurization agent to recycle and flue gas desulphurization technology recycling utilization of sulfur desulphurization by-product in the production of high additional value is the key to realize the circular economy mode from traditional pollution control mode to the low consumption, low pollution, high efficiency of flue gas desulfurization. While the catalytic process in flue gas desulfurization catalyst is not consumed, high desulfurization efficiency, simple process, short flow, strong adaptability, easy recycling by-product.

In a number of national science and technology project support, through long-term research, using a special process technology, developed low-temperature high catalytic activity of flue gas desulfurization of new catalysts and desulfurization technology and equipment, complete sets of technology integration is a new catalytic method flue gas desulfurization. The method of high desulfurization efficiency, desulfurization agent once input can be used for a long time, low consumption, simple process, short flow, strong adaptability, can be comprehensive utilization of by-product sulfuric acid, sulfate and other products resources. To avoid calcium method, ammonia method, magnesium method desulfurization technology need to add desulfurization, desulfurization agent consumption, serious pollution problems two.