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The internal reform of desulfurization industry to

Strengthen the comprehensive management of the atmospheric pollution of industrial enterprises, increase the intensity of comprehensive management, reducing pollutant emissions, accelerate the desulfurization and denitrification, dust transformation projects in key industries. With particular emphasis on the "new thermal power, steel,petrochemical, cement, nonferrous metal, chemical and other enterprises and coal-fired boiler project to perform atmospheric pollutants special emission limits." In view of this, the state more determined to increase the intensity of comprehensive management of key industries and the determination, to speed up power, steel, cement and other key industries dust transformation on the important position, and put forward the special value of new emissions limits, provide policy guarantee good atmospheric governance market.

On the current domestic Desulphurizer, denitration, dust removal market, desulfurization,dust removal equipment and technology, all kinds of, uneven uneven, some good and some bad, and denitrification technology recently, is not very mature, many environmental protection projects did not set the DeNOx facilities. Dust removal equipment some key domestic industry existing simplified desulfurization, unable to reach the new emissions targets, is bound to the existing desulfurization, dust removal equipment, increase the intensity of technical upgrading and adding the DeNOx facilities. Is expected in the next few years, the demand for desulfurization, denitrification, dust transformation project and desulfurization, denitration, dust removal equipment will increase substantially, and efficient desulfurization and denitrification equipment and various desulfurization agent,catalyst will have a broader market space; area in the dust, high efficiency electrostatic precipitator, bag type dust collector is still the mainstream products in the market; in the environmental monitoring equipment, with the management and monitoring of the PM2.5 countries, domestic PM2.5 monitoring instruments and other products will have good sales prospects, provides a good opportunity market machine for the environmental protection equipment enterprises.

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