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The current tight supply of calcium carbide, Zhuo analysis mainly has the following reasons: first, calcium carbide started instability. Into the spring, positive line maintenance and calcium carbide furnace wheel repair peak, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Henan were gradually calcium carbide furnace wheel repair or started to decline, resulting in reduced production of calcium carbide, the lack of supply of goods; secondly, calcium carbide enterprises active push up. Because PVC prices rose in the 1 quarter, but the price of calcium carbide lower, the market is a serious departure from. So calcium carbide enterprises Baotuan heating, take the active control over the delivery of calcium carbide, set a minimum price, active push up the price method to stimulate the calcium carbide Market; third, PVC enterprises because of the current price is high, so try to postpone maintenance, lead to the maintenance of PVC Dispersion, did not appear obvious routine maintenance, on the demand for calcium carbide without a significant drag, plus southern Sichuan PVC device recovery started, on the amount of procurement of calcium carbide to enhance. Synthesis caused by tight supply of calcium carbide, price increases.
As the main downstream PVC calcium carbide products, after entering the 1 quarter has been a departure from the calcium carbide. PVC rose, but the price of calcium carbide. Beginning of the end of 3, calcium carbide prices rebounded, PVC but then began to fall, the market is still showing a departure from the two products, so many market participants are not normal.
The future situation, short-term calcium carbide started unstable, PVC calcium carbide enterprises until the truck is not much, save supply also need time, so the supply tension but also to maintain a period of time, calcium carbide prices there are still continued a steady rise in the space. Then the market will need to pay attention to the PVC overhaul plan, once the PVC centralized maintenance increased, calcium carbide supply and demand relationship is reversed, the performance of the market will be poor.
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Calcium Carbide

Calcium Carbide

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