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The price trend of calcium carbide

After 2014-2015 years of rapid economic decline, the domestic economy in 2016 ushered in a certain breathing machine. GDP growth in the first three quarters of the year in 6.7%, China vigorously promote the supply side reform, eliminate backward production capacity, to a certain extent, improve the domestic overcapacity dilemma. In this context, the calcium carbide industry has also seen a glimmer of light in 2016.
Price, in 2016 the first half of the calcium carbide Market narrow range of shocks, the second half of the price rise continuously. Market in 2, March, the ex factory price of 1950 yuan / ton, the end of the year reached the highest in the year, the ex factory price rose to 2650 yuan / ton. As of the end of November, most of the mainstream of the northwest calcium carbide factory price 2600-2650 yuan / ton, compared with the beginning of 600 yuan / ton, or about 30%, compared with the lowest price of the year rose 700 yuan / ton. 2016 calcium carbide enterprise profit better than expected, the annual average profit of 150 yuan / ton increase over 2015, calcium carbide enterprises throughout the year basically to get rid of the loss, to supplement the previous long period of energy consumption. Calcium carbide price changed little in 2016, but the raw material prices rose about 114%, lime prices rose 21%, up more than 20% freight.
2016 calcium carbide production capacity increased by limited in 2015, only an increase of about 1 million tons, and some of the new devices are beginning to put into operation by the end of the contribution rate is very limited. Expected full year 2016 calcium carbide production capacity of about 39 million tons, the annual output is expected to be around 25 million 700 thousand tons. Calcium carbide average operating rate of about 66%, less than in 2015 to 1% of the upgrade. The integration of upstream and downstream enterprises, or is the size of the entire industry is still the most competitive group, incomplete statistics of capacity in total production capacity of 150 thousand tons or more enterprises in the 26 million 825 thousand tons, accounting for a total capacity of 68.78%, the integration of enterprises accounted for more than 45%, in the production of large-scale production of calcium carbide furnace is more stable.
Demand situation, PVC has increased the demand for calcium carbide, but due to the high base, so the demand is accounted for only slightly increased in 78.2% to maintain the leading position, not shaken, and in 2016 the PVC industry ushered in the spring, rising prices, operating steadily, and provided strong support for the price of calcium carbide on vinyl acetate; the yield increase of about 157 thousand tons of calcium carbide, demand has increased 1.7%; the BDO of calcium carbide demand increased 400 thousand tons, accounting for an increase of 2.6%. Industry diversification, although progress, but little change, changes in market demand is still firmly in the hands of the PVC industry. 2016 export market no bright spot, the export volume increased slightly compared to 2015, but still unable to return to the high level of pre.
The situation is expected in 2017, coke, lime, the price will continue to support the formation of market demand is expected to carbide total demand will increase by more than 1 million 500 thousand tons, the supply of calcium carbide production will exceed 26 million tons, is expected prices will be the focus of calcium carbide was significantly higher than that in 2016, stone industry electricity price obvious low phenomenon will decrease obviously.
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Calcium Carbide

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